5 things I've learned from starting a podcast

In 2018 I took the leap and started Big Little Choices. The podcast is about the unique choices that mothers have to make. We’ve covered choices like homeschooling, adoption, becoming a single parent by choice and divorce. All in the context of what it means for moms to make choices for and with their children.

I grew up in India in the eighties. My family is progressive yet traditional. And so, there are expectations that require us to conform to certain cultural and societal norms. A certain level of education, a stable job, marriage in your early 20’s, and children before your 30’s. I started this podcast so I could learn from other women who were different from me, who were making choices unlike mine and yet being able to live kind, real and authentic lives.

 So far in my podcasting journey, here are 5 things I’ve learnt.

  • There is no greater gift that finding your purpose and serving people through it.

I’ve always had a deep curiosity for people and their stories. While navigating my own journey as a new mom, I realized that hearing stories from other women was not only healing but also inspiring. And out of that came my purpose to find a way to share it with a broader audience, and help create a space that was judgement free and inspired others to take ownership of their choices and live a life that was meaningful to them.

  • Be true to what is important to you.

Maybe starting a blog or making a podcast sound appealing. Then go for it! But never lose sight of what matters and how your work aligns with your purpose. There’s tons and tons of content out there. The only way you will/can stand out is by creating content that is authentic and in line with your values.

  •  Make space for new perspectives.

My normal is what I grew up with. A traditional family, no real deviations from what was expected of us, certain gender roles, etc. But the biggest gift this podcast has given me is the range of perspectives that I previously never had access to. And I’m making space for these perspectives. So I can become wiser, stronger and more compassionate towards the diversity in choices that are unlike mine.

  • If I can, so can you.

I literally woke up one morning and decided to take a podcasting class. I had no background in media, had never recorded my voice, and didn’t think I had the courage to put myself out there. But through a series of classes, surrounding myself with my cheerleaders and constantly reminding myself of the purpose behind the podcast, I’m able to create something meaningful.

  •  You might think it’s ordinary, but to me it’s extraordinary.

Every single woman I’ve interviewed has asked me why I want to tell her story. To them, it feels so ordinary or that why would people care. But to me these ordinary women are making extraordinary choices. Choices that are not the norm, require intention and commitment and are changing the trajectories of their lives.  

 My favorite quote from the podcast is from Karen V. on her choice to adopt her two daughters

“Your job is to lean into and accept your choices. If you’ve made a choice, you have to commit to it and live it come what may.”

Head to iTunes (search for Big Little Choices) or to the listen section of the website to hear all episodes.

Sri Bodanapu