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Big Little Choices began with the intention of creating a space where women (especially moms) could share their choices without fearing judgement. There is no one right way to parent - whether it be how your kids eat, sleep, learn or play. It really comes down to what works for you and for your family. 

We often second guess our choices as parents because we are told to do things in a certain way, even if those choices don't seem ideal for us. At Big Little Choices, we hope to change this. We want to inspire our community to own their choices, not conform to societal or cultural norms, and to create a path that’s authentic to their lives and identities.

Each episode of Big Little Choices features a woman who has made a choice that could be considered unconventional or bold. These choices may be big or small - sleep training your children, homeschooling them, or deciding to adopt. While these may not all seem the right fit for every woman, we hope to start a dialogue where each of these choices is celebrated and supported. No decision in parenting is easy and we want our community to hear stories that inspire them throughout their parenting journey. 

Our dream is to create a community of women who cheer each other on, support one another through unusual choices in life, and most importantly feel empowered to make choices that are best for them and their families.