Moms in Conversation : March 2019

We hosted our first event! The Assembly (if you aren’t familiar, a wonderful women’s only co-working space in San Francisco) gave us an opportunity to hold space for it’s mom members to come together and talk about the big and little choices they are currently making in their lives. 

We had a special evening with three guests from the show joining us to talk about the difficult choices they’ve had to make in their lives.

Inna talked about her decision to quit law school and become a stay at home mom // Sharon talked about being Jewish and marrying an Indian man // Meighan talked about her choice to get divorced and make a better life for herself and her children.

Our members joined in to share their own experiences with making choices as mothers. It was a special conversation around topics like giving ourselves permission, conviction in our choices and listening to our gut. It felt magical to be in a room where moms were open, vulnerable and willing to share their stories!

Here are some pictures from our evening. More events coming soon!

Sri Bodanapu